Use the size chart to formulate your body size. Please choose the size according to your bust, waist and hip. If you are not sure what size to choose, please consult us or leave your body size measurement when placing the order, we will help you to choose the right size.

Listed below is an outline of the main body measurement terms we use.


A. – Height

B. – Circumference of the bust

C. – Waist Circumference

D. – Hip

E. – Bust height – Front measurement of the length from the neckline to the waistline.

F. –  Front shoulder breadth – Front measurement under the armpits at the bust’s widest point.

G. – Upper arm –  Circumference of the upper arm, at the widest part of the bicep.

H. –  Arm length –  From shoulder to cuff.

I. –  Outside leg – Length of the leg from the waist to the floor, when standing perfectly upright.




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